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One of the newly released games Artifact, a digital trading collectible card game based on Dota 2, is quickly gaining traction and the number of players rises by the day. Why don´t you seize the chance and be amongst the first players to figure out how the game works, becoming a top player, with our Artifact coaching lessons?

The game has a pretty high learning curve and a complex gameplay, making it very rewarding for those who take their time to master it but at the same time very challenging. By enrolling in our Artifact card game coaching private lessons you will not only master the game as quickly as possible, but also climb to the top, while others are just getting the hang of it, and remain there.

Our coaches can teach you how to build your deck, play the new three ˝lanes˝ and a tower system of gameplay, as well as the most intelligent way to destroy the towers. He will explain all the categories cards are divided into (heroes, colors, tiers, rarity, etc.), how to properly use mana, control the mobs, manage the game´s currency etc.

Our expert team consists of professional card games players who all had a chance to test out the game in pre-release and have been playing it ever since. So they have first-hand gameplay experience and have accumulated enough knowledge and skills to be able to teach you how to be the best player in one-on-one Artifact coaching lessons.

So use this opportunity while you still can before the game´s popularity dramatically increases, as it is being predicted, and it becomes much more competitive than it currently is.

Book today a one-on-one private lesson with a coach of your choice and start building upon your Artifact gameplay and reputation, joining the small percentage of players who have mastered the game!

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