How to become a Coach

This is our detailed guide on how to become a Gaming Coach and the benefits of using our marketplace for it. Coaching Games net or short CGN has the following features.
  1. Why Coaching Games Net
  2. Frequently Asked Questions
  3. How to Create a Coaching Account
  4. How to add your Service.
  5. How to edit Profile and add Social Icons.

1. Why Coaching Games Net.

We have over 20 years of gaming experience and our new website CGN is built with the experience we have from previous gaming projects.
Its very easy to use and the pricing is fair, we expect Coaching Games Net to grow fast with your help.
You manage your own account and services you do, its the best way directly to communicate with the customer and arrange your coaching. Simple create an account on our website and become a Gaming Coach.
CGN is advertised on many platforms and if your offer is good your sells can skyrocket, not only that you can create your own discount codes.
You are secured, we take care of all the payments and you can rest assured you will get your money no more chargebacks etc.
When you start coaching you will become a better player and teacher over time too, if you start this as a hobby it can grow big and you can become a professional with our help.
The Sales and Growth are literaly unlimited as long as you do your job good we will find customers for you.

2. Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to be a Coach on CGN?

It's completely free to register and start selling your video game coaching services on our website, we charge 20% + 0.35$ when you sell coaching. Once you have over 100 sales contact us and we can promote you to level 2 then we charge 15% + 0.35$

Can I reduce CGN Fee?

Yes, there are two ways to reduce the fee, once you have 100 or more sales contact us that we promote you to level 2 and the fee is then reduced by 5%. Second option is to use your affiliate link and reduce aditional 10%.

Can I talk with the customer directly?

Yes, you can use our messaging system or add social links so that the customer can contact you directly and make a schedule. It's important that you send them back to CGN to make the order and not accept directly the money ( you can use your affiliate link then too for additional 10% profit)

Can I accept money directly from the customer?

No, its against our rules to accept directly money from the customer, always send them back to the website to make the purchase. If we find out that you accepted directly money we can dispute previous payments or place a fine becouse you breached our agreement.

3. How to Create a Coaching Account.

Its very simple click on this links and fill out the information

Your Store logo should be 200x200px in size or exactly 184x184

Once you have your account created its like having a store or shop now you need to add services or products, in our case you need to add a coaching service for your game.

Go to this link and it will look like this.

4. How to add your Service.

Now its time to create your service for coaching, our suggestion is that the title should be your nickname and the game your coaching.

The description can be something about you and how you will coach and what you can teach.

Select a fair price, the price is for 1 hour, and select the category that's very important :)

You can add one product picture and it should be 200x200 pixels in size or exactly 184x184px.

Select the additional fields that apply to you and create your service.

5. How to edit Profile and add Social Icons.

To edit your profile or add social links so that the customers can directly contact you click on this link


Become a Better Player in your Favourite Game with the Help from our Coaches.


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