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Heroes of the Storm Coaching

Heroes of the Storm Coaching
Heroes of the Storm Coaching
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    Getting to know the ins and outs of Heroes of the Storm, a complex moba, and keep progressing in the game can be quite a daunting task. And if it starts taking too long, it can kill the fun. So you could end up thinking is it worth all the hours you are putting into it. Our answer is - definitely yes!

    After the experience of a one-on-one session with one of our coaches, high ranked HotS players and tournament contenders, your way of thinking about the game will change completely.

    A hots coach that you choose will introduce you to the basics and teach you how to properly approach Heroes of the Storm Coaching, starting with the choice of your hero and learning the battlegrounds, because it is definitely not an easy game to tackle.

    Maybe you are past the beginner stage, but you have hit a plateau, without any progression in sight. This happens often, even to the best of players. This is where our HotS coaching comes in. They can lead you higher on the HotS rating board, no matter which role you play or your playstyle.

    All of our Heroes of the Storm coaches are experienced teachers and seasoned players, most of them ˝flex˝, meaning they are confident in playing all roles, and they can adapt to whatever level you´re currently at and provide personalized information and tips.

    The coach of your choice will conduct an in-depth analysis of your gameplay, the way you move and your decision-making skills. He will point out the flaws, show you how to improve them and work with you as long as it takes to achieve your desired goal.

    How much you will progress depends on how determined you are because our coaches are completely dedicated to making you succeed.

    If you have any special requests, about specific areas or skills you want to focus and build upon, that works too. Our coaches will answer all of your questions and try to explain everything you find confusing about HotS, they are here for you 100%.

    And if you are just one step away from going pro, one of our coaches will help you make it happen! If all you need is just to hone your already advanced skills and affirm your knowledge, or just have someone keep you on your toes and help you maintain your competitive edge, with our veteran coaches that would be easily arranged. He will support you the whole way.

    So whether it is a basic introduction to the game, helping you progress and improve, or taking you to the next level and making you the next ultimate Heroes of the Storm Grand Master, we can answer any and all of your needs!

    Don´t hesitate and see for yourself by booking a session with one of the most successful HotS coaches available. You will be amazed at how much progress you can make after just one hour personalized session.