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Dota 2 Coaching

Dota 2 Coaching
Dota 2 Coaching
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    Do you want to become one of the top players of the most played video games ever and with the highest prize pool of any eSport today? Well, you came to the right place to try our Dota 2 Coaching

    Just like in any competitive game, players of all levels can get stuck and unable to progress further in the game. It happens to the best of us and it can be quite frustrating. This is where our Dota 2 coaching come in.

    You might have just begun to play and are starting to get to know the basics, so you need some guidance. You could have been playing for some time and you found yourself stuck in a certain phase or on a particular issue. Or you might have just reached your maximum potential at the moment and cannot find any way to improve your game.

    Whatever the scenario is, our Dota 2 coaches, some of the best players of this highly competitive game out there, are here to get you through it. They will guide you in one-on-one lessons which will greatly improve your gaming skills so you would defeat your opponents much more easily.

    With their help you can learn how to deny more creeps, farm faster, or get better at map awareness, spells or micro, increase your win rate, even find the best secret hero builds etc.

    You will most certainly learn numerous new tricks and get insider hints. It doesn´t matter if you are a jungler, support, carry or mid, our couches are of such diversified knowledge and builds, that any player can get help, guaranteed!

    If you wish to master Dota 2, winning down lanes, tweaking your hero builds, and bringing down towers is just tip of the gamesberg! Next to defending your base, you need to battle your opponent team´s heroes as well, so this is no walk in the park.

    To become an accomplished player and learn how to dominate Ranked play and improve your mmr , you would definitely need help from our professional coaches, who are the best in their respective areas. They will show you how to build upon your strength faster so you could climb the Dota 2 ladders more quickly. They will make sure you are technically equipped so that your team would have the most advantage.

    The surest way to progress in as little time as possible is through our Dota 2 coaching lessons, tailored to your needs and experience. The coach of choice will establish just how much you know and how much improvement, and in which area, you need. After that, he will devise a personalized progression plan just for yourself, and be there for you every step of the way.

    Let our coaches help you set and achieve the ultimate gameplaying goals that will turn you into the player of your dreams!