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  • Dota 2 Pos 6 and PMA Coaching

  • Oakville, Canada
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Pos 5/6 PMA Coaching

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Coach Speaks English
Server Americas, Europe
Platform PC
Dota 2 Support, Hard


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I am looking to share my knowledge as a Dota 2 caster as well as a 5k player. I have 10,000 behavior score and that impacts on how I look at the game.

I truly see Dota as a team-based game and I am really focused on going into every pub game and keeping my team PMA and taking the leadership role during the game.

If you can wrangle your team into a communicative position they will be more willing to win and not throw away the game. It also gives you an edge over the enemy as they probably don't have the same communication as your team would (Thanks to your PMA coaching)

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