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LoL Coach High Elo | Guaranteed Climbing Elo [Mid/Jung/Bot]

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Product Code: LoL Coach High Elo | Guaranteed Climbing Elo [Mid/Jung/Bot]

Coach Speaks English, Nederlands
Server Americas, Europe
Platform PC
League of Legends Support, Mid, Ad Carry, Jungle


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Are you tired of losing games and being hardstuck? Do you want to see that sweet Platinum, Diamond, Master or Challenger tier on your profile? Do you want people to call you senpai? Then this is the right place to be! I've experienced 'em all and I'd love to pass my experience to you. Whether it's about laning phase, champion counter, item building, positioning, freezing, hard pushing lane, roaming, laning, early/mid/late game priorities, jungle pathing, CSing, playing from behind/ahead, etc... I'm the guy for you!

I'll review your chosen game with you together via Discord screenshare. The way I coach is very different than the others because I don't just tell you stuff on your perspective, I'll visualize everything and from everyone's perspective! I'll note everything down and send it to you so you don't forget it in your future games!... Now that's called a real coach ;)

...and yeah, we can still keep in touch on League of Legends! So if you have any questions about the meta etc, feel free to ask!

My Discord: xooW#0002


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