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  • Belgrade, Serbia
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HotS Coaching

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Модель: HotS Coaching

Heroes of the Storm Specialist, Assassin, Warrior, Support
Тренер говорит English, Srpsko-Hrvatski
Server Americas, Europe, Asia
Platform PC


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My Coaching lessons include, but are not limited to:

• Micro & Macro Skills : Laning, Jungling & Decision making Early to Late game, Mechanics, Tactics, Strategies, Positioning, Zone Controlling and more

• General Psychological Skill-sets: Effective Trading, Manipulating & Reading your Opponent/Teammates, Performance-Tilting interconnections, Sheep vs Wolf Theory and more

• Structure Planning: Perfect practice makes perfect! (Practice Regimes & Plans, How poor Sleep and Nutrition affects Performance and more)

• In-Depth Analysis, Profiling and Stats reviews

• Shotcalling Lead Teams in Solo Q / Scrims, Call Shots while keeping consistent Performance, build/maintain solid Frame of Mind, and more

• And a lot more

  • Here are a few options on how we can commence a session:
  • • Live coaching via screen-sharing software
  • • Replay-analysis
  • • Verbal coaching


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