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Coach Speaks Srpsko-Hrvatski, English
Server Asia, Americas, Europe
Platform PC
Dota 2 Carry, Ganker, Mid, Support, Hard


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Hello, my name is Nikola ''hairy_freak'' Babic. I have been coaching for a couple of years now. Took a break from it and now I'm back to doing it here and there. I'm a t2 position 4 player atm. But when it comes to coaching I do all roles. What you are gonna be learning in our coaching lessons isn't some fast trick to get 1k mmr up and then lose it all once the meta has ended. I'm gonna teach you how to think inside the game. So that when you start understanding some thing you can move forward without a coach. And then just come back to me or my colleagues once you hit a plateau and don't know how to approach the game anymore. We will allways target your weak points to get rid of them, and target your strong points so that you can improve on them. Come and learn how to approach dota one game at a time and have fun while doing it.


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