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Модель: GrandMaster Caps Coaching

Heroes of the Storm Specialist, Assassin, Warrior, Support
Тренер говорит English
Server Americas, Europe
Platform PC


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Hello my name is Caps and I'm 27 years old, I am semi-pro player ( top 50 Grandmaster every season ) and professional coach.I'm extremely patient and enjoy helping people of all skill levels - my lessons will be adjusted and paced for each individual student! I am new coach on this site, but have previous experience already coaching private and for other coaching sites.If u wanna improve feel free to hire me, because you going to improve your Rank at least to Master! Choose me as your personal or team coach if u want:

1)  To increase your MMR / knowledge.

2) Grind the ladder with a huge winrate.

3) know the best tier Comps/Champions of the game and how to counter them aswell.


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