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Everything you need to know about Tryndamere (League of legends coaching)

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Product Code: Everything you need to know about Tryndamere

Coach Speaks English, 中文
Server Americas, Europe, Asia
Platform PC
League of Legends Solo Top


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I'm a Tryndamere main and have been playing Tryndamere for over 5 years now. I peaked top 600 on SG/MY Server. Currently I have over a hundred hours of experience in coaching. I'm able to offer a lot of information about Tryndamere. This covers the fundamentals, tips and tricks, decision making, split pushing, etc.

If you are looking to climb to high elo with Tryndamere and are looking for help to enable you to do that, you have come to the right place.

Send me your as while as a summary of your current situation and what you are looking to learn/improve on. I'm able to do either live games or replays using discord screen share during the session. After that, we'll do a review and I'll summarise what I feel you should focused on.

If you have any further questions, please add me on discord and I'll have a chat with you.

Discord: Gulliman#6209


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