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Dota2 Coaching

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Coach Speaks English, Srpsko-Hrvatski
Server Americas, Europe, Asia
Platform PC
Dota 2 Carry, Ganker, Mid, Support, Hard


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Hey there, my name is Vukosav, and i am from Serbia. I have started playing dota really long ago , since 2003, when it was only for fun with my friends from net cafe. But , after years of playing my interests are increased. After this lan net cafe games, i just started useing Battle net, and found a grate place to play , that was DCE League ... Until now i have played a lot leagues, online and lan torumanets, and so on. Leagues like DCE, Dotainvite, Dota-Pride, IDEC, IHCS , EEDL, and so many more.... People also know me as one of the Leaders of the Ranked Gaming Client ( aka RGC ) project, where i have spent a years into a RGC team. I also had , lots success's with some online and lan ( local ) tournaments. Right now i am playing at 3D.E-Sports team, position 5 and 1. About coaching I am able to coach anything needed, such as: * Picking phase - Drafting ( there we go over the strengths of heroes, as well as their weaknesses, and also explaining the situational picking and so on ). * Analysing games ( In my opinion best way for coaching and getting better, here we watch the replay together , and i am provideing informations of what was good, or bad , and how to get better , and doing better things ). * ROLE's ( every single role - mid , carry, offlane, supports 4 and 5) * Riseing mmr ( some advanced tips how to rise up rank and mmr ) * Single heros ( practiceing and shareing advanced tips for the specify heroes) * Duo queue ( we play game gether if thats necessary ) * Live coaching (Student plays a game under my review) * Lobby practiceing ( 1v1 or showing up the tricks and stuffs) * Team coaching (20$ per hour)


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