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CS:GO Coaching | Global Elite, Faceit Lvl 10 | Top 18k World | Settings, Mindset, Strategy, Aim |

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Product Code: CS:GO Coaching | Global Elite, Faceit Lvl 10 | Top 18k World | S

Coach Speaks Polski, English
Server Europe
Platform PC
League of Legends Ad Carry
Counter Strike Sniper, Rifle, Leader


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Hello, Im Jacek and I want to make you a Global Elite.

Im GE and Faceit Lvl 10 with over 3 thousand hours in CS:GO, 5 years worth of experience in playing CS 1.6+GO and watching all the professional events with the best teams. My main focus is to improve your overall mindset with things like your personal warm up before games, set up of all the important settings, your calls in the game and many more. 

From this Gig you will learn how to think like true Global. In my opinion every time you enter a new game you should be fully focused, warmed up and be in a good mood. I will teach you how to lead your team, even if not everyone want to listen. We will speak about using teammates to your advantage, your own map pool, which suits you.I will create your personal warm up based on how much you play, what weapons you prefer and your rank. Starting from online websites, offline maps, through dm, ffa and finishing with retakes. We will talk about simple and effective setups for defending and attacking bombsites. How can you create them on the go, outsmart opponents and specifically playing with smokes.

There are many more things to learn and im happy to help! Have a nice day!



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