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Coach Speaks English, 中文
Server Americas, Europe, Asia
Platform PC
League of Legends Solo Top, Jungle, Mid, Ad Carry, Support


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Hello! My name is Alex. I’m from Singapore and having been playing League of Legends for the past 8 years; peaking top 600 in SG/MY server.

I was involved in the training and development field for over 4 years before starting to coach LoL roughly a year ago. I'm also involved as an instructor/coach in several LoL camps. To date, I have managed to help most of my players improve their gameplay and climb to a higher rank.

My lessons are generally split into live game analysis followed by a review. I heavily emphasis on the basics as that is one thing players neglect the most and will help you work on your own personalized plan for improvement.

Payment will be done through paypal before the session starts.

If you are interested in getting coaching, or have any questions in your mind, drop me a message over on Discord @ Gulliman#6209



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