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  • Invokergirl

  • Moscow, Russian Federation
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Модель: 1 hour coaching session

Dota 2 Mid, Support
Тренер говорит English, Русский
Server Europe
Platform PC


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Hello there, my name is Sabina, and I'm mostly known as "Inv0kergirl" streaming Dota 2 on Twitch.

I have a huge experience on Invoker, currently top-90 dotabuff hero rankings with 4.000 matches in a row, 60%+ winrate and 6.7 KDA.

As a solo player I am 90% specialized on Midlane, but also have a deep game understanding from a position 5 support perspective.

I'm glad to share my knowledge and boost your individual Invoker performance to the very next level.

New Invoker players with an absolute zero experience on this complicated hero but a strong wish to learn are always WELCOME.

I'm going to teach you not only Invoker micros and macros, but all the midlane mechanics I know in general.

Important thing: I'm Russian, but I can also use English pretty well even tho I'm not a native speaker, so feel free to book me if you can speak and understand English, I promise to be as much patient and understandable for you as I can.


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