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Beginner/Intermediate Hearthstone Guide2

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Product Code: Beginner/Intermediate Hearthstone Guide2

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Hearthstone Wild, Standard


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Are you a brand new player who has just discovered Hearthstone ? Perhaps, you were away from the game due to a “ridiculous aggro” meta and decided to give this game another shot ? 

Whatever the case might be, there no such thing as little information. We all learn something new on a daily basis, especially when it comes to Hearthsone. Now you might ask, what makes me any different than all the other coaches out there ? Well my friend, I myself was at a point where I’ve quit the game and was out of commission for about a year. 

And I have decided to give this game another shot, and oh boy, there was a lot of catching up to do. Watching videos on ever shifting changes in the meta, learning new mechanics, countless hours spent on the internet looking for what’s the most viable deck, etc.

After going, through all of this, I’ve dediced to give the community back and relief the new comers from all of the stress that comes along whenever a brand new player joins the TCG. I’m willing to guide you through every single detail of Hearthstone, establish a “never give up” mentality within you and help you out in whatever way I possibly can. 

  1. Availability - 7 Days a week 
  2. Timings - To be discussed 
  3. Coaching Session - 1:30 Hour 

Thank you for sparing your time considering me as your potential coach and have a lovely day :)

P.S - Below you can the image of me, reaching the “Legend” on June 24th last week.

Feel free to ask any questions.


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