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Auto Chess Coaching!

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Hello!If your reading then you probably want to get better at auto chess!

I have over 200hours on Auto Chess alone and around 2500 on Dota 2. I have also played Dota 1, so I been doing this since the start!

If you want to learn to last the entire game of auto chess and win, then you are in the right place! I can teach you some stragies and common rules to learn and commom mistakes to avoid! I will say that after 1-2 hours you will yourself getting better and better! 

About me as a coach!

I am very patient and kind, I won't rush you or make you do anything beyond your capabilities! I will know how much and what you can improve on in a short amount of time! As you can see I live in Hungary but I have lived in the United Kingdom for the last 13 years so if your worried about a language barrier then you won't have too! :)

Also, I'm not that strict about the 1hour time limit if we go over it, thats completly fine! 

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact me here, or on discord! I'm always around.


Thank you!


PS: "There is no shame in failure, only in quitting" Thomas Edison


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