Belgrade, Serbia
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Why hello there,

I'm Wolf.

  • Working as a part-time,programmer and a coach and booster since a few years now.

Also,Notorious in my Family for chasing "stupid" , "unreal" and "worthless" dreams.Because i always fancied "different" goals, such as becoming a professional Esports player,coach and other things.Yet i've never given up,fast forward a few years....

  • Professional and comeptative MOBA and FPS experiance for 5+ years including but not limited to:DotA 1 & 2,Heroes of the Storm,League of Legends,Overwatch,Rainbow Six:Siege,Team Fortress 2 and a few other games not limited to the  genre.c

I aspire to Help and Support YOU!So that you may achive your Goals & Dreams. Since i very well know how it feels like,having no support from Family.

  • My Coaching is very unique ,because i draw from my Knowledge and all the Research gathered in Psychology and Human cognitions,with great success.

After all it's "Mind vs Mind" in a game!What are you watiing for?

Let's make YOUR Dreams a reality!

Turn into a Champ!

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