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Hi everyone, I am Rafal – League of legends player with 5 years’ experience of coaching. Looking forward to meet you and help you achieve your goals and dreams. 

Who am I?

  • I’m 25 years old gamer who is also father and husband.
  • Highest ranking: #3 in Challenger on EUNE and #23 on EUW.
  • Playing league since Season 1, previously top EMEA player in Age of Empires 2.
  • Worked as an analyst & coach for aAa, Lemondogs, Absolute Legends, mousesports and few other less known European organizations.
  • Resigned from LCS player career due to health issues.


What do we do during the session?

  • We identify all your weaknesses vs strenghts and based on that we will specify your champion pool, and coaching plan that we will follow through further sessions,
  • Coaching tracker will be designed in order to track your improvement,  
  • In case you do have any mentality problems inside or outside the game, I will do my best to resolve them, 
  • Analysis of your gameplay or any other in youtube/plays.tv,
  • Micro & macro explanation, wave management, handling vision, splitpushing and tower sieging,
  • Coaching will be conducted in any of these methods- screensharing through discord/skype, duo-queue together or custom games where we will explain specific scenarios or will practice 1v1 matchups. 

Any questions?

  • Drop me a message here on school-eGG
  • Ask on skype (exottz) or on discord (xzzf#7014)
  • All sessions must be schedueld on school-eGG

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