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hairy_freak Dota 2

Belgrade, Serbia
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My name is Nikola ''hairy_freak'' Babic, I am a semi-pro Dota 2 player, currently around 7k MMR. I have been coaching for quite some time. The main goal to my coaching sessions is helping you understand how to improve yourself so that you don't have to pay for a million coaching hours just to learn some new tricks. I try to make my students understand the game, and understand how to approach learning in it. And then they come back when they hit a wall and they need a a new path on how to approach their next improvement. I am not going to teach you a trick to win 1k MMR just to lose it all when the meta changes. I'm going to teach you to understand the game at a level that allows u to one day reach 6k MMR or even higher (if your mechanical skill allows you to do so). So come to me and be the best dota player that you can be! 

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