Montpellier, France, Metropolitan
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Hi,I'm den, French player based in the south of France. In Life, I'm 26, a strategy consultant for fun and a hearthstone coach/player as job, or the opposite, i'm not really sure sometimes. About Hearthstone, I'm a legend player since April 2014 (the month i started playing), with a different deck each season. I'm a top 100 ladder player for 2017 in Europe and taking care of the Gamersorigin team for 2018 HCT.

Im part of one of the biggest French speaking teams in Hearthstone (Gamers Origin) as a player and coach. 

I can teach in English, French or Italian. You can find me on the Judgehype Website for guides, on twitter for decklists or add me on discord (den#3613) to find me directly (please mention you come for coaching^^)- https://www.facebook.com/denJudgeHype- https://twitter.com/GO_denHS

- https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6j5mREUcHOsFKJUMWxkkbg

Being not fully responsable of my schedule, please contact me on twitter or discord to get coaching infos and booking. 

Have a nice day.


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