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Hi, I'm Jake. I am a Diamond player on the North America server. I was Bronze just four seasons ago, but after improving and learning how to climb my goal is now Masters (right now I am Diamond 2 promos 62% winrate). I can help players learn more about mid game macro, late game macro, game sense/knowledge, mechanics, lane matchups, positioning, you name it. I am a Mid lane player so obviously I know the most about the matchups in that role. 

I have 3 different coaching methods, so check them out oon my products page. They are all equally helpful, but by choosing a single one I have a better idea on what you are looking for or want to work on. 

I'm most reachable from 1pm to 11pm central time.

Contact me on Discord (A-Swoll#0510) if you have any questions. :) 




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