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Call of Duty Tips&Tricks
$3.90Per Hour Ex Tax: $3.90Per Hour

I'm willing to share with you all the experience i have on the game since modern warfare 2.I wil..

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Crow's CODs Teachings
$10.00Per Hour Ex Tax: $10.00Per Hour

i Will Teach You Little Tips & Tricks i Use To Get XP & Challenges Done !..

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$10.00Per Hour Ex Tax: $10.00Per Hour

Clases, consejos y prácticas de Call Of Duty en privado junto a Eupho para conseguir mejorar ..

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Call of Duty Coaching

Want to be a better Call of Duty player? try our Call of Duty 4 Black Ops Coaching it does not matter if you want to improve your aiming, awareness or map control we can help you.

Browse the best CoD 4 Blackout coaches available and contact them, they will make a schedule with you and see where your weak points are and what your strengths are.

Battle Royale games like the new COD 4 Blackout are difficult games and really hard to win, let a pro esport player help you start winning in Call of Duty after you finished our coaching.


Become a Better Player in your Favourite Game with the Help from our Coaches.


Not happy with your Coaching in the first 30 min ? cancel it for full refund or try another Coach.


Our Live Chat support is 24/7 online, if you need any help or information.